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I’m Meghan. I grew up in Ohio, came of age in Arizona and am now raising a family in Pennsylvania. I’m a freelance writer and essayist, a stay-at-home mom to my six-year-old son, and a foster parent. I’m told I am too organized and too sarcastic for my own good but I don’t see how either is possible.


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Starting Over With a New Foster Child. {The New York Times}

Posted on March 16, 2017

We stand in the bedroom together, side by side, clothes and toys piled up around us and empty boxes tossed into the hallway. “So, tell me,” I say. “What do you want to keep on the walls, and what...


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One year since you left.

Posted on Mar 10 by

Dear BlueJay, One year ago today was the hardest day of my life. The weeks that followed that day — the day I buckled you into a car seat, stepped back and watched you drive away...


Round Two.

Posted on Jan 23 by

The toys are put away, the TV has been dusted, the dining room rug has been vacuumed. There is nothing left to do but check Facebook, glance at the clock, check email, glance at...


We can do hard things.

Posted on Jan 11 by

We can do hard things. I came across that phrase for the first time recently. It was printed on a sign, sitting in the background of a room on a TV show I was watching. I grabbed...