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… or maybe only a few seconds before the little man wakes up. A friend told me she needs an update on what life is like 2-months post baby. I told her it was hectic and awesome.
I’m working part-time from home (usually an hour or two a day, depending on how much or when Ryan sleeps). We’ve had family coming in and out of town since he was born. We’ve had weddings, showers, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, work parties… I think we’ve been more social in the past two months than ever before!
And somewhere in all of that, I’m trying to get all our Christmas/birthday shopping done.
So yes, hectic. But also awesome. Ryan doesn’t hold us back from doing things we want to do. Yeah, it takes a little longer to get ready to go somewhere. And yeah, we’ve had to change a couple of diapers in the back of the CR-V. But we have a sense of humor about the diaper blow-outs that inevitably happen right as we arrive somewhere. And for the most part, he just enhances the fun we were having Pre-Ryan. He likes to go out. He looks all around with wide eyes, checking out every restaurant and store we drag him to. And then he sleeps. And we whisper to him that he’s the best baby EVER.
Christmas has taken on all kinds of new excitement for me. I’ve always loved the feeling of the time leading up to Christmas. But now, I’m almost beside myself, telling him all about Santa and the toys he’s going to get, and how fun it is to drive around and look at Christmas lights, and how we’re going to eat crab legs on Christmas Eve and have lots of friends over on Christmas day to celebrate.
He has absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, but he gets excited anyway because I’m excited, and that’s all it takes to make him happy.
So, since I only have probably a few more seconds before he realizes he’s famished, here are some words/phrases to sum up the past two months:
“Miiiiilk is cooooming”
Incessant singing
Snorkel bug
Bumming around
Shots suck
Cherry-flavored infant Tylenol rocks
Photos, photos, and more photos
Tons of cuddling
Boppies, bouncy seats and bumbos
And, of course… football: