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(Disclaimer: I am stealing this idea from a friend’s blog. Thanks, Kris. Loved your answers.)

2010 was an amazing year for us, and one that will forever be special. We found out on New Year’s Eve that I was pregnant, so we rang in the new year in a hotel room in Prescott, toasting with sparkling cider. We hadn’t told anyone yet, so it was just the two of us, flying high on sheer joy and excitement on what the year lay in store for us. Let me tell you, it’s a heck of a way to ring in a new year.

On New Year’s Eve night, 2009, just hours after finding out I was pregnant.

On New Year’s Eve night, 2010, just after putting the little guy to sleep.
Wait… I think Mike was wearing the same shirt! Ha!

Here’s a little recap of our year….

Best physical feelings:
Hugging Mike after I told him I was pregnant. Feeling the baby move and kick. Baby hiccups. Contractions (cuz it meant I was FINALLY going to have the baby soon). The moment of birth. The first time I held Ryan.

Worst physical feelings: The contractions I was having right before I got the epidural. The contractions on the right side of my body where the epidural wore off for the last few hours of labor. Nearly passing out the first time I stood up after the birth.

Best sounds: Hearing Ryan’s heart beat at my doctor’s appointments. Ryan crying when he was born. Ryan babbling to his monkey friends (aka, the monkeys hanging from his bouncy seat). Ryan’s first giggle when Mike was making funny noises at him. Ryan’s second giggle when I was making funny noises at him.

Worst sounds: The alarms going off in my room when Ryan’s heart rate dropped during labor. Ryan crying after his first (and second) set of shots. Heart-breaking, to say the least.

Biggest shocks: At our “big” ultrasound, when we found out that he was a boy… I was convinced we were having a girl. Also, I was shocked that I didn’t go into labor early… for some reason, I thought I would.

Best moments: Telling our families I was pregnant. The first ultrasound, when we saw our little alien-looking baby and saw his heart beat flickering. Finding out we were having a boy. Mike declaring his name would be Ryan, as we walked into Babies R Us to buy TONS of boy stuff the day of the ultrasound. Watching fireworks in Prescott and wondering if Ryan could hear them. My awesome baby shower. Riding a “bicycle built for two” on Coronado Island and deciding that San Diego would be one of our top family vacation spots from then on. My midwife accidentally breaking my water. Mike telling me how beautiful I looked in the middle of labor. Meeting our little guy. Watching Mike hold Ryan for the first time. Taking our first “family” self portrait. Bringing him home for the first time and showing him that he has his own, awesome room. Taking him to Anzio’s for his first ever trip to a restaurant to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. The first time our families met him. Going out on a date, just the two of us, while my family was in town: sitting at the bar at Houston’s, watching baseball, drinking beers and eating good food. The first time he rolled over (and I managed to get it on video!). Dressing him up as a cat for Halloween. Toasting all we were thankful for at Thanksgiving with my in-laws (two new people around the table!). Dressing him up in Penn State jerseys and his Browns outfit for football games. Going on a carriage ride with Santa and seeing how completely unimpressed Ryan was. Opening his presents on Christmas morning, showing him all his toys and seeing him look semi-interested in them. Dressing him all up for New Year’s Eve and then watching him pass out really early – giving Mommy and Daddy extra time to properly ring in the new year with friends, food and drink.

Worst moments: When Belle peed on the brand new carpet in Ryan’s room and we thought we might have to get rid of her. When Ryan’s heart rate dropped and a bunch of doctors and nurses swarmed into my room, gave me an oxygen mask and told me I might have to have an emergency c-section.

(As you can see, the good moments far outweigh the bad.)

Coolest purchases: Our laptop, new carpeting, furniture for Ryan’s room, the alphabet collage picture for his wall, our flat screen TV, the stuffed Rhino from the San Diego zoo, my Ryan ring (it has a sapphire, his birthstone), a wipe warmer (we swore they were ridiculous… until we had a baby), the interactive zoo toy (Ryan’s main Christmas present and our obsession during my pregnancy), the counter/shelving that replaced the godforsaken wet bar, new couches and Mike’s “man chair,” and my jewelry armoire.

Worst purchase: Cloth diapers. Stay tuned for a post on THAT.

Things I never thought would happen/I’d survive this year: I wasn’t sure how I would survive childbirth and spent much of my pregnancy worried about it.

Best trips: San Diego Babymoon!

Health accomplishments: Working out throughout my entire pregnancy (I was still doing my stepper at 41-weeks pregnant). Going 10 days past my due date and not asking for any medical interference. Resuming my workouts just two weeks after giving birth. Getting my pre-pregnancy body back by the end of the year (or as close to my pre-pregnancy body as humanely possible, anyway).

Health failures: Breastfeeding. It only lasted about 2 weeks. But it’s not something I have a ton of control over and it has ended up being the best for us, so I shouldn’t really consider it a failure.

Biggest accomplishments: Expanding our family by one happy and healthy little guy. Making some more improvements to our condo, especially the new carpeting and taking out the wet bar. Financially surviving 15 weeks of maternity leave, 3 of which were originally unplanned and all of which were unpaid.

A mish-mash of hopes and goals for 2011: I want to have fun introducing Ryan to all of our favorite activities, including – but not limited to – Spring Training, Easter Brunch, more road trips, and fireworks (hopefully in Prescott again). I want to survive our first few trips across the country, including a trip to Ohio in March, a trip to my sister-in-law’s wedding in June, and a trip to Florida/Georgia in October. I want to throw an awesome 1st birthday party for our little guy and have him surrounded by family, friends and lots of cake. I want to come up with a plan for how we can get into a house in the near future. I want to continue to build up our savings. I want to savor each one of Ryan’s upcoming milestones (full-blown laughing, crawling, eating solid food, walking). I want to have picnics in the park. I want to hike. I want to finally visit Tucson. But mostly, I want to be able to look back on 2011 and think about what a fun time we had and what a special year it was, the same way I now look back on 2010.