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I have a really good baby. I mean, really good. He was sleeping through the night by, like, 5 weeks old. And before that, he was really only getting up once in the middle of the night. He’d get up, eat, I’d rock him back to sleep, and that would be that. So Mike and I never really dealt with that whole sleep-deprivation thing that so many parents warned us about.

Let me tell you, I fully expected to have the colicky baby from hell. I prepared myself for the worst and hoped for the best. And I truly believe that I (knock on wood) got the best.

But he has his moments, too. He is a baby, after all. I mean, I still throw fits sometimes and I’m 28 years old. But his fits are so few and far between, that I can count on one hand the number of times that he has been inconsolable. The first time he could not calm down was after he got his second set of shots. He was happy as can be all morning… smiling, cooing. Then I took him for his 2-month check up, where he got three shots… two jabs in one leg and one jab in another. There was a split second of silence before he got the saddest look I could ever imagine on his face and let out the wail to end all wails. I imagined he was thinking, “Oh, Moooooommyyyy, how could you let them do this to me?! I thought you loved me!”

I tried my best to console him, but there was no easy way to even hold him without making it hurt more. For the rest of the day, if he wasn’t sleeping, he was crying or whimpering. It was so out of character that I knew he was really in pain. And the thought of that just tore me apart. I’m not big on taking over-the-counter medications. I tend to avoid medications whenever possible, because I think in general, we put too much crud in our bodies. But you better believe that boy got some cherry-flavored children’s Tylenol for the pain. Your standards change when your baby hurts, plain and simple.

The second inconsolable fit was on Christmas day. Our boy woke up on Christmas morning and happily sat through us opening all of Santa’s presents and then a whole HEAP of presents from my family and Mike’s family. We’re talking hours of unwrapping and cleaning up and unwrapping more and cleaning up more. Then he chilled in his boppy while we cooked and prepared for some friends to come over for dinner. Right as guests arrived, I fed him. Instead of feeding him the regular powdered formula, I gave him the “good stuff.” The liquid stuff. The stuff that is already mixed and is super expensive, and that he has had before and enjoyed. Santa brought it for him. Santa was trying to be nice. And Mommy thought it would be great to use the liquid stuff on Christmas night so that we wouldn’t have to stop to mix up a bottle whenever he got hungry – it would be ready to go!

Santa must have gotten a bad shipment of formula in the night before, cuz 15 minutes after Ryan finished eating (10 minutes after our friends arrived), he started screaming. And he screamed for 3 hours. Non-stop.

He finally calmed down right around the time that he was due for his next feeding (and after most people had left, haha). Our friends Kelly and Mike stuck it out and were able to see him acting like himself again (and enjoying the adorable stuffed moose they bought him in Montana):

The next morning, we kicked ourselves when we realized that we never got a picture or video of him screaming his head off. From our pictures, it looks like he had a very happy Christmas.

On Christmas Eve, Ryan was beside himself with excitement. Santa was coming soon!!!

New toys!

Looking handsome and happy in his Christmas digs.

But I guess when your kid is screaming his head off, you have guests over, and you’re trying to get dinner on the table, you’re more concerned with getting him to stop screaming, rather than trying to document it.

A few days ago, he threw a minor fit, and we finally thought to get it on film.

Mad, yet still cute.

And for fun, here’s one of the only other pictures we have of him upset. He was only a few weeks old and was not happy to be cold during a sponge bath.

So, there you have it. Proof that he isn’t perfect 100 percent of the time.