Posted by on Jan 20, 2011 in shopping | 2 comments

Want to know what the highlight of my week has been so far? Ordering this last night:

I can’t wait for it to arrive! I think Ryan is going to love it. He’s at an age now where he doesn’t want to lay on the floor, in the bouncy seat or in the boppy, unless you are sitting with him and constantly entertaining him with toys. Sometimes I am happy to oblige… other times I want to be able to leave him for a minute so I can blow dry my hair or scarf down dinner.

He also loves to be held in an upright position now, so he can see everything around him, and he has pretty good control of his head. So I think he’s at a perfect age for it.

And the best part is, we still had some gift cards we had stashed away, so we got it for free!

In order to take advantage of a free shipping deal, we also decided to go ahead and order this:

(We got it in chocolate brown with green trim.) We LOVE our main stroller, which is part of the Chicco Cortina Discovery Travel System. But we also wanted a smaller, cheaper one that we could easily throw in Mike’s car and that we could travel with.