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Part of me ponders, “Has he really only been in our lives for four tiny months,” while the other part of me screams, “How can he be so old already?!?”

In four months, Ryan has rolled over, smiled, giggled, developed a strong hatred for tummy time, developed a strong love for his snorkel bug. He has completely stolen my heart with the coy little smile he gives when I say his name. It goes something like this:

Mommy: Hi!

Ryan: blank stare
Mommy: Hi, sweet pea!
Ryan: blank stare
Mommy: Hi, Ryan!
Ryan: grin
Mommy: Hi, handsome boy!
Ryan: blank stare
Mommy: Ryyyyan!
Ryan: grin

I melt every time he is kicking and fussing in his pack ‘n play – and suddenly spots me and goes still and grins the happiest of grins. I melt when Mike gets home from work and Ryan staaaaares at him in anticipation, like he’s been waiting all day for the moment when Daddy would walk in, kneel down and say, “Hi, buddy!”

Brand new.

Four months.

He couldn’t be a sweeter baby. He couldn’t be cuter. He couldn’t be more loved. Basically, he just brings us a whole heap of joy. Happy four months, little man!