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I knew the boy was getting big. I could tell this because 1. I held him quite a bit on Sunday, and my arms felt like wet noodles for the next 24 hours and 2. I can hardly carry him in the car seat anymore. A few more weeks, and I’ll have to carry him to the car before I put him in the seat.

He had his fourth month check-up yesterday, and the doctor confirmed it: he’s a big boy.

16 pounds, 12 oz. 26 inches long.

That’s TWICE the size he was when he was born. And five inches longer! He’s in the 82nd percentile for height, weight and head circumference (a very proportionate little boy). The funny thing is that he’s really not chubby at all… he’s just long and solid. I am hoping he’ll be really tall, like my brother.

Almost as long as Daddy!!

The doctor gave us the green light to start him on rice cereal and then veggies and fruits whenever we want, although I’m still doing some research to figure out exactly when I want to start him on that and what I want him to eat.

Originally, I thought I would wait until he is 6 months old so that I knew his digestive system would be more developed. Now, I’m thinking I might start him on rice, oatmeal or barley closer to five months because I’m formula feeding and want him to start to getting some more natural nutrients. Plus, we’re at the limit of how much formula we can give him at any one time, so in order to feel satisfied, I have a feeling he’ll be needing something more substantial soon (almost 17 pounds, people!).

What I do know is that once we start feeding him solids, we’ll be making our own baby food. I’m pretty excited to try this. I even got a baby food cookbook for Christmas, and the recipes are super simple.

“Is this really all I get?”

Any moms have any advice on when and how to start him on solids? I’ve read a lot about the Baby Led Weaning method, but I’m not 100 percent sold on it and think I would like to start him on solids a little earlier than this method might allow. But I’m open to suggestions!