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I used to think, “No way will I let my kid watch a ton of TV. My kid will learn by playing with his snazzy age-appropriate developmental toys. He’ll run around outside. He’ll read books. He will not sit in front of the TV and veg all day!

I was going to be such a good parent, wasn’t I?

Until the first time my kid, who was maybe a few weeks old at the time, glanced toward the TV. He stared for a moment and then blinked back at me as if to say, “Mom! Why didn’t you tell me football was on?!

Did I turn him away from it? Nope.

I turned him toward it, so he had a better angle. Wouldn’t want him to strain his neck, dontyaknow.

Cuz he will strain his neck if he has to.

Now he’s a football and CNN junkie. He doesn’t much care for sitcoms, dramas or basketball. But he does enjoy an occasional Sponge Bob feature.

So, this is how we get 10 minutes of silence to scarf down our dinner. Ten glorious minutes free of the fussy LifeIsSoMuchBetterWhenYouHoldMe attitude or the hyper IWannaPlayButICan’tHoldMyOwnToysUpWillYouPleaseDoItForMe shrieks.

Everyone should be allowed to watch a little TV when you’re on vaca!

What can I say… He is his father’s son.

You guessed it… football.