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I decided early on that I would be a stylish mom. No “frump” for this momma, no way. I will rock leggings and high high boots. I will keep wearing all the jewelry I love. I will take time to style my hair.

Well. Let me tell you why moms are frumpy: Whenever you have a good hair day, your kid will inevitably grab a big chunk and yank it around until it no longer looks so good. If he’s not yanking your hair, he’s yanking those pretty necklaces around your neck. If you opt for rings instead, you’ll be devastated when you accidentally scratch him with them.

And then there are the bags. Ohhhh, the bags.

I picked Ryan up from daycare for the first time yesterday. I brought my work bag in because I knew they were going to check my ID (which is nice cuz I don’t want them just giving my kid to anyone). I got him all packed up in his car seat and grabbed Mike’s diaper bag and another bag that held some used bottles.

I heaved up the car seat and limped my way – in my super cute, super high heeled boots – through the gauntlet of gates and doors that keeps my kid safe during the day. Every pair of eyes in the place bore into me with one universal thought: “Newbie.

I got him into the car (*applause*), drove home, pulled into my parking spot and sat for a moment. I had barely made it from the daycare to the car. Now, I had to add a jacket and a lunch bag to the mix. And I had to go up a flight of stairs.

In case you’re not keeping score, that’s:

1 work bag
1 diaper bag
1 bottle bag
1 lunch bag
1 jacket
1 car seat + baby
1 set of keys

Naturally, ALL of my neighbors seemed to be outside yesterday to witness the bag lady in action.

I wasn’t the only one exhausted by this effort:

Make no mistake: Dad put me in this sleeper/socks combo.

So, I’m changing my strategy a bit. The bottle bag and diaper bag are becoming one. I’m ditching all jackets (I live in the desert… it’s not that cold). Ryan is going to carry my lunch bag (thanks, buddy).

And flats are cute, too, right?