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We’re going out tonight. We’re gonna hit the town. Paint it red. Get footloose and fancy-free.

Ok, I’m out of cliches.

We get to do this because we have FWBs. Friends Who Babysit.

Friends fall into one of three categories these days.

1. Those who never offer to babysit. Hey, it’s not their job. We still like them.

2. Those who say, “We’d love to babysit him if you guys ever need a break!” I know they mean it, and the sentiment is hugely appreciated. However, it’s not often that I’ll actually pick up a phone and remind them they said that and hey, what are they doing this weekend.

3. Those who say, “Do you need a break? We’d love to watch him. What are you doing on Friday? Drop him off any time after 6:30.

Um. Really? “Yes, really.” Are you sure? “I’m sure.” YESSSSSSS.

And then we spend the next three days discussing all the possible ways to make the most of our few hours of freedom:

We could go see a movie! Like, in a theater! Can’t do that with a kid!

Or, we could belly-up to a bar somewhere! Can do that with a kid, but it won’t win you any parenting awards.

Or, we could go to dinner at a place that is too cramped for a car seat and too subdued for a four-month-old who recently discovered his outdoor voice. Ding-ding-ding!

The best part is that we won’t waste one moment worrying about Ryan. Cuz “Auntie” Kelly will check on him every 6 seconds and “Uncle” Mike will entertain him with baseball cards.

A scene from the last time they babysat.

TGIF for reals.