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Life is funnier when you have a kid.

When your husband walks over to you with your baby and whispers, “Stare at Mommy!!” and then they both stand there and staaaare for seconds, minutes on end with equally deadpanned expressions… well, that’s just funny.

When we play “airplane” and Ryan holds his head up and looks very serious, almost like he’s trying to master the perfect airplane position… you laugh. Cuz he’s four months old, but his personality is more like 40.

When you make funny noises that make your baby giggle, so you keep getting louder and more grandiose until finally you startle him into crying… And now he’s crying, but you’re both laughing so hard that you can’t see through the tears and dang your life is full.

When you get dragged out of a dream early on Saturday morning to the sounds of a baby who is half whining and half chatting to himself from the monitor on one side of the room … and a cat who suffers from a whole host of anxiety disorders is meowing frantically behind the door on the other side of the room because it is two hours past my usual breakfast time and aren’t you guys ever gonna get up and I miss youuuuuu … You have to laugh because you know your family – crazy cat included – is quirky and emotional and loud.

I mean… isn’t this funny?! Ryan looks so little!

Before the baby is born, everyone tells you you’re going to be tired. They say your marriage will become more like work. You won’t have a moment to yourself – EVER. You’ll be broke. You’ll be sad that you’re working and someone else is raising your baby. And did we mention you’ll be tired?

No one tells you how much you’re going to laugh.