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You know it’s going to happen. You know the second your kid comes within a 2-mile vicinity of a daycare for the first time, he’s going to get sick. You don’t even need to take him inside for the germs to claim him – driving by with the windows rolled down would do it.

Ryan started daycare on Monday. By Saturday morning, he sounded a little congested. By Sunday, a pathetic little cough would wake him up from a deep sleep. And by Monday afternoon, well… let’s just say I added the adjective “boogery” to my vocabulary.

We should keep him home, right? So that we don’t spread these germs around even more, right?


I read the policy manual for the daycare. Several times. If he had a high fever, they’d slap the ban on him. If he had a low fever partnered with other symptoms, they’d ban him. If he had strep throat, ban. If he was puking repeatedly, ban. But a cold? Meh, they don’t really care.

Part of me – the self-righteous part that always wants to do the right thing – thinks, “They might not care, but I shouldn’t allow him to spread this to other kids! It’ll just keep getting passed around unless people start keeping their kids home!”

But the other part of me – the way smarter and more practical part – knows I’m the only one who is even considering this. We might keep him home today to protect the other kids, but those snotty, germy little buggers would just infect him with a new virus tomorrow!

And really, we have limited sick time, ya know? We can’t be calling off work every other day to stay home with a sniffly baby. And to pay for an extra babysitter every time he has a little cold?? Do you know how much we’re paying for daycare already? IT’S MORE THAN OUR MORTGAGE. We’re not made of money, people.

So, he’s recuperating at daycare today. He will infect another child. (Sorry! Oh well!) We figure the other parents won’t hold it against us, cuz the kid he infects this time will probably be the one who infects our kid next time.

“As long as I can wear comfy jammies and gnaw on Sophie’s nose, I’ll be ok.”