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Unfortunately, he sometimes forgets this.

He was born 10 days late. When he FINALLY decided to grace us with his presence, he entered the world with decidedly strong neck muscles for a newborn. Our pediatrician gave us the green light to start tummy time with him almost right away.

Oooooooh, he’s adVANCED,” we cooed.

When he was five weeks old, he rolled over for the first time.

Did you hear what I just said? He was Five.Weeks.Old.

Know why he did it? Because he hates tummy time. Hates-hates-hates it. I really, truly believe he stayed all curled up in me for 10 extra days just so that he would be strong enough to bypass tummy time altogether. And now he’s mad that we make him do it anyway.

So, he figured out how to get out of it – by rolling over the second we put him on his tummy. “Ha ha! I will NOT do tummy time! And you will be so impressed with my roll-over skills that you will cheer for me! Suckers.

The only problem is that about a month ago, he completely forgot how to roll over. I think he doesn’t even remember that he ever could roll over cuz he is making zero attempt to shift his body weight to either side. Instead, he just screams when he goes on his tummy and waits for us to roll him over.

I’m all, “But Ryan… just roll over… you know how... you can do it…”

And he’s all, “Get.Me.Off.My.Stomach.Right.This.Very.SECOND.

Oh, and you can just forget about rolling from back to front. I’ve tried all the “look-at-this-toy-isn’t-it-so-cool-don’t-you-want-to-get-it” tricks. He is happy to lay and stare at whatever you wave at him. He’ll crane his neck as far as humanely possible to stare at Sophie the Giraffe or his tummy time mirror. But he will not roll to it. No WAY will he go on his tummy if he doesn’t have to.

What up, frog?

But I still believe he is advanced. In fact, I believe he intends to skip crawling entirely. One day, he’ll be sitting and he’ll just haul himself up and start skipping across the floor. You’ll see.