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Need germs? Stop by my place. We’ve got a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. And we have more than three people could ever need, so you can have your pick for free.

We have arrived at the end of Ryan’s fourth week in daycare. And the end of the third week of a string of illnesses that will.not.end. He’s had every cold and flu symptom you can imagine: congestion, cough, fever, runny nose, loss of appetite. I would imagine there was a sore throat and some body aches in there, too, but he doesn’t have the language skills to express that yet.

Mike just got done fighting something resembling the flu, days after I sucker-punched a cold. I feel a new wave of ick invading my throat at the same time that Ryan’s cough is turning into a wheeze.

I’ve spoken with every nurse and doctor in Arizona. I’ve humidified, steamed and booger-bulb’d the holy heck out of my kid. I’ve squirted vials of Tylenol into his mouth with one hand while popping Vitamin C pills for myself in the other hand. I’ve google’d “RSV” and freaked out.

We have washed, we have disinfected, we have washed again.

We are OVER IT.

But we do try to find the “fun” in battling snot.