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I am pretty sure I missed my calling. I should be writing platinum hits right now.

I discovered my amazing songwriting skills almost the instant Ryan was born. Suddenly, I felt it necessary for his entire life to be narrated through song. His own personal musical. I can write and perform a brand new song at a moment’s notice, and I do so at least five times a day. More on the weekends.

I write songs about bath time. And dirty diapers. And burping. No topic is off limits.

“What? A song about milk?? Brilliant.”

His personal favorite? The Bubzy Song.

He’s a Bubzy… He’s a Bubzy Wubzy Pickle Pants, a Buzby… He’s the greatest little Bubzy that I knooooow… He’s the bestest little baby in the Whole. Wide. World.

He breaks into a huge grin the moment I start belting it out. He really shouldn’t encourage me, cuz I WILL sing this to him when he’s 16. Unless, of course, I am too busy writing the next Lady Gaga hit.