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*Cue dramatically sappy music*

Six months old. Halfway to his first birthday. A half of a year closer to his first word, his first steps, his first day of school.

I’m going to try to not get all “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, my baby is growing up! Time is going by TOO FAST!” on you. Because the truth is that yes, time feels fleeting. But every single day with this little guy is full of joy, and we really can’t ask for more than that. Mourning the moments that have passed only does a disservice to the amazing moments we have right now.

Every day, I get more glimpses of his personality, and to say that I love what I see in him is such an understatement that it’s almost an injustice to attempt to express it.

Here is what I know about my son:

He is laid back. He goes with the flow. He doesn’t mind being dragged to stores and restaurants or on day trips. He’s curious. He loves being outside in the fresh air, but it makes him tired and he’ll need a great big nap to recover from it.

When he’s hungry, he’s hungry now. Not in a half hour, not in five minutes, now. He gets that from his Mom.

He adores his Dad and revels in every second of attention he gets from him.

He’s happy. He’ll stare at you until you look at him and when you finally do, he’ll give you a big grin. Because he knew you’d look at him eventually, and he’s just so glad that you did. He can entertain himself, and you’ll hear squeals of delight coming from his side of the room because he already has a grand imagination.

He is social. He hasn’t met a person he doesn’t like. He is well-behaved for babysitters. We think it’s because he knows how sacred date nights are to his parents, and he respects that.

He has big feet and big hands – all the better to play with.

He’s not picky. He likes any toy you hand him. He’ll drink any kind of formula, he’ll suck on any binky. He’ll sleep in a pack n’ play, a crib, a bouncer, or on a blanket in the middle of the floor.

He loves his name and smiles when you say it.

His favorite part of the week is Saturday mornings when both of his parents rush in to snatch him out of his crib. He takes in big, gulping breaths and kicks all appendages furiously, and he would scream “Yessssssssssss! The weekend!!! Let’s play, guys!” if he could.

Just when I think it can’t get any better, it does.

He is our light, our love.

Brand spankin’ new.
Six months old.

Happy half-birthday, Bubber.