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I have three really awesome nieces. Cara is four and a half and is sort of tomboyish. She isn’t the type of girl to dress up like a princess for Halloween – she’d rather be Yoda. She’s into all things planets and outer space, and she has a list of things she would take on a trip to Saturn (juice boxes, a sweater in case it gets cold, etc).

Kaitlyn is two and is a girly girl. She loves to dress up in hats and sunglasses and tells me my scarves and jewelry are pretty. Clearly a girl after my own heart.

Kyleigh is a year old and has a glowing spirit. She’s been stuck in some variation of a cast or a brace since December, thanks to hip dysplasia. But you’d never know it because she certainly doesn’t seem to care. She is goofy and lights up a room.

It is impossible to get a photo of the three of them together. Cara doesn’t want to do it; she wants to color. Or play hide and seek. Or do anything other than take a picture. Kaitlyn will do it for a minute, but only if she can hold her sippy cup full of peach juice. If not, forget it. Kyleigh is only too happy to oblige, but she doesn’t have total body control and repeatedly falls forward, grinning away.

I had one goal during my trip to Ohio: Get one decent picture of Ryan with his three cousins.

You know what’s weird? When you put four kids ages 6 months to 4.5 years together on a couch, every adult in the room feels compelled to yell “CHEEEEEESE! SAY CHEEEEESE! CHEEEEEESE!” By the time you’re done, at least two kids are crying and the word “cheese” is reverberating around your brain.

Anyway, we tried twice. Here are the best pictures we got:

And this one isn’t great as far as group pictures go, but it’s a cute illustration of how much Ryan and Kaitlyn took to each other:

And then, the much larger pile of photos, filed under “FAIL”:

That last one might actually be my favorite.

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