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I don’t mean that I play with my kid’s toys with my kid. I do that, yeah. But sometimes, I also play with his toys when he’s not around.

I have a “just in case” toy in my car. It’s been in there since one particularly fussy drive home from daycare when my car was glaringly void of all binkies, toys, blankets, anything to occupy him.

It’s a little blue mouse with red ears and a see-through belly that is filled with tiny colorful balls that rattle about.

Ok, it sounds weird, but it’s cute. And Ryan LOVES it. He loves to stare at those crazy little balls and does his excited heavy panting thing. And then he sucks on the ears.

I was driving along, minding my own business the other day, lost in thought. I stopped at a red light, glanced down and picked up the toy. I shook it. The little balls danced around.

I smiled.

This toy IS cool, I thought.

Come to think of it… those ears DO look sort of delicious…

Time to put the toy down.

“Whoa, Grandpa, what the heck is this?? I’ve never seen this toy before!”

I probably shouldn’t eat my kid’s toys, but I do plan to continue playing with them. Hey, whatever, they’re fun.

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