Posted by on Mar 31, 2011 in funny, laughter, new mom, smiling | 8 comments

Ryan doesn’t laugh a whole lot. He’s a happy baby; he smiles an almost annoyingly large amount of the time. He thinks pretty much everything is at least semi-amusing. But very few things make him actually laugh out loud.

But the stuff that has made him laugh? Not really all that funny, if you ask me. I’m starting to worry that his sense of humor might be a bit off.

Here is a sampling of recently “funny” events:

1. Fake coughing. Is hysterical. Evidently.

2. When I ask him to say “Mama.” It is the funniest request anyone has ever made. Is he mocking me? It’s sort of infuriating.

3. When Otto the Octopus says a color and I absentmindedly repeat it. “Green,” says Otto. “Green,” says Mom. This is So. Funny.

Meanwhile, I’ve conjured up a heck of a lot of funny noises, written and performed countless hysterical songs, and told some pretty amazing stories with surprise endings that register no more than a smirk.

“Listen, if you’re not funny, you’re not funny. What do you want from me?”

Maybe he just doesn’t get me.