Posted by on Apr 12, 2011 in bags, car seat, in the car, new mom | 4 comments

We made a big switch over the weekend. We ditched the infant car seat and now use convertible car seats.

The big difference is that the convertible seat stays in the car. It’s not a “carrier” like the infant seat was. Ryan was going to outgrow the infant carrier in like 10 minutes. Plus, I just could not carry him in that thing any more. Twenty pounds of baby + 5 pounds of car seat + total awkward bulkiness + the need to carry 9 million other things = baby elbow.

(Baby elbow is like tennis elbow, except I can’t play tennis anymore cuz what do you do with your baby when you’re playing tennis? You can’t just let him “watch” cuz he might be hit by a wild tennis ball, especially if Mike and I are the ones playing.)

((Anyway, I’m sporting a permanently sore right elbow, in addition to my rock-hard right bicep. I’m thinking I might need to start lifting weights with my left arm to even out the situation.))

So now we carry Ryan in our arms to the car. He gets sprung from his car seat jail when we go out and gets to sit up in strollers and shopping carts. He likes that. We thought, This is going to be so much easier. So much lighter. What a good decision.

But of course, nothing with a kid is that easy, and we didn’t consider the fact that 20 pounds of baby is still a lot of baby no matter how you slice it, and I’m still a bag lady in heels when I pick him up from daycare.

I mean, I’m not trying to be a wimp, but a kid, a work bag, a diaper bag, a lunch bag, keys, and a full bottle of formula is a lot to carry at once, right? Why can’t I get my act together and figure out a solution to this? Why didn’t I put the bottle in one of the three bags?!

By the time we reached the front door, I was Ryan was a fussy, whining mess.

Somebody help me.