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This week was Theme Week at Ryan’s daycare.

You remember these weeks from when you were in high school. School spirit day, funny hat day, twin day. I never was much into them, but somehow it’s much funnier to participate when your kid is just shy of seven months old.

We were particularly excited for Monday. Crazy Hair Day. It’s amazing what a little Aveeno Baby Moisturizer can do.

We high-fived. No WAY any of the kids in his class are gonna have crazier hair than THIS. Bam!

But Mike dropped him off at daycare and sent me this text: “Of the six other kids that were there, he was the only one with crazy hair.”



Well, the other parents are boring. Obviously. We are not going to let this get us down! We are fun. Ryan is fun. We are participating all week, dang it!

Tuesday: Hat and Sunglasses Day.

Wednesday: Silly Socks Day:

Thursday: Sports Day.

And Friday: Pajama Day.

Ok, those aren’t really pajamas. But it’s too hot to make him suffer in a sleeper all day, so this is the best we could do.

He’d BETTER have a star sticker on his pick-up sheet today. Cuz it’s pretty clear he was a star this week.

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