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It started almost immediately after Ryan was born. Mike and I would “tell” things to Ryan about the other parent.
It’s a very effective way to convey a point.

Like, “Oh, Daddy dressed you in a very interesting outfit today! It really shows off your milk belly!
Or, “Uh oh! A poopy diaper?! I bet Mommy will get you a new one.
I try to really keep it to a minimum and I think Mike does, too. Cuz quite honestly, it’s rude. And it’s annoying. And Ryan really doesn’t care to hear it. But it is so hard to resist. So we only do it maybe once or twice a day instead of 78 times.
Meg: “It would be great if Daddy could help Mommy set up your boppy. Then you’d get milk faster!
Mike: “Daddy is busy getting the milk so he CAN’T help Mommy set up the boppy. Sorry, pal!
And finally, the comment that most effectively ends a discussion: “Mommy could really use a glass of wine. I wonder if Daddy would get that for Mommy since Mommy has watched the Phillies on TV every night for the past three weeks!

“Uh. Yeah. You guys are standing right next to each other. Stop using me as the middle man!”