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People keep telling me that Ryan knows how to get what he wants from me.

Example: I was hanging out at a friend’s house one afternoon, gabbing at the dining room table. Ryan was hanging out in his boppy a few feet away. He would whine, I’d look over and make a funny noise at him or hand him a toy, and he’d grin. A few minutes later, rinse and repeat.

He totally knows how to get your attention,” my friend said.

Eh, he’s just bored and wants his Sophie,” I shot back.

Well, ok, she’s right.

I picked Ryan up from daycare the other night, and as I walked through the door and said “Hi, Ryan!” his face lit up. He was so darn happy to see me.

I walked over to him, asked him how his day was, gave him about 50 kisses (Aw JEEZ, mom!) and then told him I had to grab his bag and empty bottles before we headed home.

As I stood up and turned to walk away, I heard a little “Aaaaaaaaa.” I glanced behind me and saw that Ryan had the saddest, most wounded look on his face.

I thought you came here to get me and now you’re just LEAVING me again. How could you.

That’s what his look said. And my heart nearly exploded.

Naturally, I walked calmly (read: ran for my life) back to him to scoop him up. As soon as he realized I was coming back for him, the crying shut off and the grin was back on his face.

He’s playing me.

And it totally works.

And I don’t care.

If he wants to guilt me into spending an extra 30 seconds with him, I will spend an extra 30 seconds with him. Cuz before you know it, he’ll be 14 and I’ll be embarassing, and he’ll want me to drop him off on the corner of his friend’s street so that he can walk to the house in the 115 degree heat cuz that’s better than admitting that your mom still drives you around.

So right now, he might think he’s winning, but I know I’m winning.