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Today was Easter Bunny day. I woke Ryan up this morning shrieking, “We’re gonna go meet the Easter Bunny!! Are you soooooo excited?!?
He certainly seemed excited. He grinned and giggled and kicked up a storm.
He was in a great mood all morning, laughing much more than usual, smiling almost non-stop and just generally being a happy kid.
The line was fairly short and fast, but I spent the whole time getting him prepped. “This is the guy who is going to bring you a basket full of books and toys and maybe some new sandals for summer!” (What? He’s too young for chocolate.)
When I finally placed him on the big, furry lap, he became quite stoic:
This is not a look I see on him very often. But it was vaguely reminiscent of something… some other outing we’d had a few months ago… Oh yes, that’s right. Meeting Santa.
He doesn’t get upset. He doesn’t get scared or mad when you pass him off to a stranger dressed in some crazy get-up. In fact, he wants you to know that he is completely and utterly unimpressed.
(I think he’s going to like his basket, though. New swim trunks! And a stuffed bunny! How could you not love that?)