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I decided a couple of weeks ago that I would ask my 50th blog follower to write my first ever guest post Q&A at Phase Three of Life. Let’s face it: That’s kind of a risky idea. What if my 50th follower is someone who can’t string two sentences together?! Or someone with an unpleasant attitude?!

Imagine my excitement when The Empress over at Good Day, Regular People clicked the “follow” button. Not only does she have an amazing blog that describes life in a house full of men (eep!), but she’s a true sweetheart, too.

I particularly love that she lets her youngest son, “Baby E,” write regular posts. He recently shared his thoughts about a recent birthday, including this gem: “Guess what? We had orange cake. With orange flavor frosting glaze. I love orange. And orange juice. And orange slices.”


Meet Alexandra:

Q. You’re an empress! Very cool. How does one get such a title? (And did it automatically get you an invite to the Royal Wedding? Cuz it should have.)

A. This is the funny thing. I never coined myself as an empress. I really don’t remember how it started. My blog was titled “Good Day, Regular People,” as a tongue in cheek reaction to my husband’s friend, who–upon learning the names of our 3 sons (Alexander, Xavier, and August) blurted, “Those aren’t names, that’s an empire!”

As a joke, we named our blog something along the empire line. I chose the Empress Eugenie as my avatar because the pearls and tiara she sports are so different from the life I live.

I live with 4 men…sounds sexy, but truly? I live, sleep, and breathe with a toilet brush in my hand.

Q. My son is 7 months old. You have THREE teenage/pre-teen boys. I imagine you’ve seen it all. Please tell me what I’m in for. Don’t hold back – I can take it.

Ahhhh… I ADORE having boys. I was meant to have boys. I LOVE being queen of the house.

You are in for sloppy, sticky hugs and kisses that any college boy would be jealous of.

You are in for ardent proposals of marriage lisped to you by 5 year old boys through missing front teeth.

You are in for more joy than you will ever feel worthy of.

You haven’t been blogging terribly long – just over a year on your “Good Day, Regular People” blog. Yet, you have about 700 followers, get dozens of comments on each post, and have developed a solid following. How did you do it (so we can steal all your tricks)?

A. Can I tell you? That every night, without fail, I thank God for the blessing of the kind of readers that come to my blog.

I began blogging, for two reasons: one, I can’t live without writing, it’s my oxygen. Next, pure loneliness. I live in a small town, and really don’t seem to fit in.

I truly thank God for the people I’ve met, and the love, loyalty, and support they shower on me. I don’t think there’s a blogger luckier than me, with the kind of readers I have.

I’ve had depression since childhood, my father committed suicide on Thanksgiving, when I was in the first grade, and I’ve been in therapy off and on throughout my life. Aside from the birth of my three beautiful children, nothing has brought greater happiness and satisfaction in my life than my bloggy friends. I love them.

Q. That’s the best part about blogging, isn’t it? We’re like a little community, spread across the world.

A. I love blogging. I’m a blog junkie. If it were socially acceptable to sit around in Depends and strap a feedbag onto my face, so I wouldn’t have to waste time going to the bathroom and eating, I so would.

A girl after my own heart.

Run, do not walk, over to her blog, Good Day, Regular People. Thanks, Alexandra. I’m so glad you followed me so that we could “meet”!