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This weekend was interesting, re: Ryan and sleep.Add Image

Since he was about four months old, Ryan has done what we call “The Head Thing” whenever he is tired. This weekend, he added a fun little “Foot Thing” to go along with it.

Behold: This is how my kid soothes himself to sleep…

If that’s not entertaining enough, he has also suddenly decided it’s SO fun to flip over onto his tummy while he’s supposed to be sleeping. Except that he’s not so gifted at rolling back over. So he gets stuck. And it makes him mad. And he yells and yells and yells until someone goes in his room to flip him back over. And when you walk in, he peers at you innocently like this:

By Sunday afternoon, I’d had just about enough. I threw him onto the middle of our bed, which is very soft and makes rolling a whole lot harder. I turned on the ceiling fan (which is mesmerizing) and it didn’t take long for this to happen:

If he had just taken a nap like a normal kid and not turned it into a 12-hour ordeal, we would have had time to go to the park. I tried to explain this to him, but he’s never been one for logic.