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Yesterday, Ryan went to the doctor. The doctor’s office is sort of like our own little vacation home, only without the sand and the waves and the fun. But we DO take off work frequently to spend a significant amount of time there.

We’re pretty sure now that he has asthma. So yesterday I learned how to give breathing treatments to my seven-month-old. Now there’s a moment you don’t picture when you’re pregnant.
In case that’s not enough, his ear infection is back, which means he’ll probably need to get all tubed-up in the near future.
And – because the daycare germs refuse to be totally overshadowed – he’s also coming down with pink eye, which has been running rampant through the infant rooms.

In case you’re not keeping track, that’s: 4-6 breathing treatments a day, antibiotics once a day and eye drops twice a day. That’s really going to cut into his sleep/play/scarf-down-bananas time.
By the by: You should never go to the pediatrician for an appointment this long with just one tiny little mouse toy. Even if the mouse is awesome, your kid will get bored with it, and it will not be enough to distract him from ear inspections and breathing treatments.

Also: Take a burp cloth for all the drool. And a diaper, for god’s sake.

The doctor is SO fun. Don’t be jealous of my meds.
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