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Kids toys are very musical.

No, that’s too nice.

They sing annoyingly annoying songs. (Yeah, annoyingly annoying. One “annoying” isn’t a sufficient description for their level of annoyingness.)

Occasionally, you come across a toy that plays a cute song. And you buy it, thinking, “Gee, that’s cute. My kid will love that.”

And it is cute. And he does love it. But by the end of the day, the tune is stuck in your head. And after a week, you start posting the lyrics as your Facebook status and others with the same toy respond with additional lyrics and pretty soon everyone you’re friends with – except those with the same godforsaken toy – thinks you’re crazy.

And they’re right.

One toy in particular currently has a strangle-hold on my brain.

Meet Scout:
Ryan got Scout from my friend Kristin, who could very well be dealing with the same frustration. Cuz I bought her daughter a stuffed Violet, the feminine version of Scout. (Sorry, Kris!)

Anyway, Scout really is pretty cool. You can upload your kid’s name, as well as his favorite animal, color and food. So when Scout sings, it’s a very specialized kind of song. Except that the way he says “Ryan” and “duck” and “yellow” is in a slightly different tone and never quite fits into the flow of the rest of the song.

So currently in my head?

*cue childish music*

I want a DUCK. Please… it’s my favorite animal! I want it to be YELLOW. Please… it’s my favorite color! I’d like it to eat MILK. Please… it’s my favorite food! And I’ll call it RYAN. Just like you!”

So not only is the song going through my head, but the stilted personalized language of the song is as well.

The other day, it had been going through my head for hours, and I’d had just about enough. Over and over, all day long at work… I want a DUCK…

That night, Mike went to pick up Ryan from daycare so that I could go to the pharmacy to pick up yet another prescriptionI want it to be YELLOW…

I got home, trudged up the stairs… I’d like it to eat MILK…

Pulled open the door, and heard a sweet robotic voice yell out “And I’ll call it RYAN!

For a split second, I thought I’d finally lost my mind. That the song in my head had grown so loud that it burst out of me and became real!

Turns out, it was just Ryan playing with Scout. Again.

(If I “accidentally” packed Scout into storage with all the outgrown baby clothing, how bad of a Mom would that make me, on a scale of 1-10, 10 being OctoMom?)