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Ryan likes the ladies.
I first started to realize this on Easter, when he couldn’t stop staring at “Auntie” Kelly.

I tried to keep him in line: “I know, she’s pretty. Very pretty… Ryan, it’s rude to stare.”

He repeated the stare a couple weeks later with our babysitter, Zoe.

Yes, she’s pretty, too. Just like Auntie Kelly… But it’s still rude to stare.”

And then the other night, we headed out for some burritos and taquitos from our favorite neighborhood Mexican restaurant, where he fell in love with our waitress.

Every time she came over with a glass of water or to grab a menu, he would stop playing with his toys and openly stare at her. If she smiled at him, he’d smile back. And when she’d walk away, he’d follower her with his eyes until he couldn’t crane his neck around any farther.

See what I mean?

We might have to start getting take out.