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Since becoming a mom, I’ve noticed that my organizational skills have taken a hit. Any and all important information now gets written down on the nearest piece of paper at any given moment.

For example, there is a post-it note on my desk at work that has three things scribbled on it: my new work cell phone number, the name and ID number of a kid I want to sponsor in Kenya, and a referral to a naturopath doctor in Scottsdale.
I recently realized that I need to focus on getting a little more organized with my thoughts. I realized this after I had a phone conversation with Ryan’s doctor and scribbled some notes on the pad usually reserved for our grocery list. A few days later, I read over our list, and this is what it said:
chili sauce
pinto beans
shredded cheese
granola bars
peribronchial cuffing
bronchial inflammation
ginger ale
ground turkey
I wonder if Sprouts has an organic version of peribronchial cuffing.
I think it’s clear why “wine” is on the list.