Posted by on May 18, 2011 in babies and teeth, when do babies get teeth | 14 comments

I sometimes dream about teeth.

It’s more of a nightmare, actually. In it, my teeth start to break apart into little pieces and fall out. In the dream, I’m always in the middle of something important, like a business meeting or a busy conference. And I’m trying to hide what’s happening but I’m panicking and no one seems to notice.

Evidently, it’s a very common dream to have during stressful times in your life, and it symbolizes feeling out of control. Which is shocking, considering I don’t have any control issues. (Keep your comments to yourself, Mike.)

Last night, I had the new and improved mom version of the teeth dream.

Only no one was dealing with disintegrating teeth this time. No, in this dream, Ryan came running (running?!) up to me and gave me a wild grin that revealed…. FOUR perfectly shaped teeth.


The kid is almost eight months old and still has no teeth. I know kids grow and develop in their own time and every kid is different, blah blah blah, but I’ll admit it has crossed my mind that oh god, what if there aren’t any teeth in those gums?

Every time the kid has cried for the past four months, we’ve blamed it on teething, sure that finally he’s about to sprout one! He has been a super monster drooler for months and months on end. Still, nothing. And our pediatrician isn’t exactly using the power of positive thinking, saying things like “Nope, no teeth are even close to coming in!” at every appointment.

No teeth. Copious amounts of drool.

But this teeth dream didn’t leave me feeling unsettled, as all the others have. Nope, this dream has given me hope. Hope that we do have teeth in our future.

Although, apparently it’s not until after he has a full head of thick hair and has perfected his running skills.