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Evidently, I signed up for a lot of websites and newsletters while I was pregnant because my inbox is full of baby-related emails each morning. Deals on diapers, parenting tips, updates on how my “34-week-old” is developing. (Dear The Bump: It’s ok to just call him an eight-month-old now.)

Sometimes the emails have interesting or helpful information. Once in a while. But usually it’s stuff like “how to tell what your baby’s cries mean,” which I have found to be less than helpful.

I feel the emails crossed the line today. I sincerely hope this is the one and only time I open my inbox to find an email titled “Baby poop photos: What’s normal, what’s not?”

Naturally, I couldn’t fight the urge to open this email, which revealed that today’s Baby Bulletin Top Story is “Compare your baby’s poop to our photos.”

Uh. No thanks.

Since that didn’t spark an interest, I also was invited to read “Everything you need to know about poop.”

Uh. Don’t I know everything I need to know about poop? How much else could there possibly be?

And finally, the newsletter suggested I click to view a “Visual guide to changing a diaper.”

Uh. You want to show me how to change my 34-week-old’s diaper? Shouldn’t I… know that… already… ?

“Your email said what?!?”

I was tempted to click the “unsubscribe” button, but I suddenly find myself very interested in what the bulletin’s next hard-hitting investigative piece might be.

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