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Yesterday morning, it all clicked.
I know what’s wrong with my kid.
I walked into Ryan’s room as Mike was changing him. The rash that he suddenly developed on Tuesday (in addition to more vomiting that sent us back at the doctor… welcome to my life) kept going away and coming back.
It’s so weird,” Mike said. “I just took his shirt off and it was gone. I turned around to change his sheet (thank you, second diaper explosion of the week), turned back and the rash was back! But nothing was on his tummy that would have caused any irritation.”
And that’s when it hit me….
Think about it:
1.       Asthma.
2.       Eczema.
3.       Constant coughing and congestion at random times of the day.
4.       A three-month-long ear infection that gets worse with every new antibiotic we throw at it. Clearly some unseen force is making it worse.
Of course, the doctor claims it’s hives, a reaction from either his ear infection or his stomach virus.
Uh-huh, sure doc. You can try to out-diagnose me, but you know this is a brilliant observation. You’re just sore that you went through all that schooling, memorized all those body parts, just to have some 29-year-old new mom in high heels waltz through your door with the most astute medical diagnosis you’ve seen in your 25-year career. Hives, yeah, ok. Wink, wink.
Phew. I was worried I might be allergic to my octopus friends.
Now then. How do we eliminate air from our condo?