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In my eight-plus months as a mom, I’ve experienced many rewarding moments. Moments that have made me clap my hands and cheer. Moments that have made me tear up, thinking I might burst with pride.
But yesterday was extra-special. Yesterday, we entered a whole new territory. A territory bursting with independence, self-sufficiency.
Oh, hello there, sippy cup.

Yes, that’s right. Last night, for 15 glorious minutes, Ryan fed himself. And when he finally figured it out, you’d have thought he had just graduated from law school by the way I was cheering.

It’s great when they do stuff that indicates they’re getting older and more independent, yeah. But that’s not why I was cheering.

I was cheering because I didn’t have to sit next to him with my arm bent at an odd angle while he took his good, sweet time delicately (but-don’t-take-it-away-or-I’ll-scream-my-head-off) drinking. Instead, I got to sit two feet away, taking pictures and drinking a beer. (Where is that Mom of the Year Award I’ve been expecting?)

That’s a good boy, Ryan. That’s a gooooood boy.