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Yesterday, we went here:
As with everything in life, Ryan was a bit skeptical.

But he soon relaxed and vowed to take things in stride.

He needed a haircut. You may not think he did. But he did.

His hair isn’t thick, it’s true. He inherited his mom’s fine, thin hair (as well as his mom’s pasty-white skin… Sorry, kid). But while thin and fine, the hair was also unruly. And fluffy. Always fluffy. And looooong in all the wrong places.

 Stop! No pictures, please. I’m not camera ready.

He’s got an important trip and wedding coming up. (“Uncle” Patrick will finally officially be Uncle Patrick!) So into the little race car he went, where he innately knew to grab the wheel and start steering.

He only tried to lick the wheel twice, which we consider a victory.

He was doing so well that we decided to try the noisy clippers around his ears. That didn’t go so well.

But I think we can all agree that the end result was worth a moment of discomfort. Beauty is pain, after all.

By the by, do you remember when we were kids? And they didn’t have race car seats, cartoons and video games to distract us for the 8 minutes it takes to trim a few hairs? Whatever did our parents do?!

Oh, that’s right: They taught us to behave and sit still for a minute. Suckers.