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I’ve always been one to get excited about silly little things. 

In middle school, stuffed pigs made me smile (I was SO cool). In high school, a sleepover with girlfriends and Star Wars and Mountain Dew did the trick (my friends were as cool as I was).
By college, a new hair color would make me happy. (Red? Darn brown? Blonde? Yes, yes, yes!)Once I moved to Arizona, the sight of mountain was enough to start my morning off right.
But I never (ever-ever-ever) thought that I would be entertained by a kid.
I wanted a kid, sure. I was happy to have him, of course. But was I going to want to play with musical toys for 3 hours each day? Was I going to want to watch hours upon hours of *insert Disney movie here*? 
I heard a lot about how kids help you rediscover your youth. How their childish joy washes over you and you can’t help but to suddenly LOVE the idea of tea parties and “playing house.” 
Kids are cute. I’d like to have a couple. Big families are fun. But I’m an adult who gets excited about adult things.
Ha. I didn’t know what I was in for.
I didn’t know that buying a $7 plastic pool would fill me with such excitement that I thought my heart might explode as I drove home with it bumping around in my trunk.
A pool! For you to swim in! And splash in! ALL summer long!” 
That’s what I was going to tell Ryan the second I walked through the door. 

Maybe this whole kid thing was rubbing off on me after all… (But probably not.)

A few days later, I was heading to daycare. It was Ryan’s last day at “school” before the BIG vacation, to see Auntie Erica (Mike’s sister) get married.
I love my in-laws. I love Erica. I love (her *now husband*) Patrick. I love traveling to Pennsylvania so that we can spend a few days relaxing on the back deck in the breeze eating leftover homemade crab cakes and drinking Yuengling. 
But mostly? Mostly, I was beside myself with excitement to tell Ryan that he was going on a trip. That there would be new toys for him to play with, new family to hang out with. 
By the time I arrived at daycare, I was bursting.
RYAN! We’re on vacation! No more school! Auntie Erica and Uncle Patrick are gonna get married. MARRIED! Do you want to see them get MARRIED?!? Let’s go! Let’s go on vacation!

Pop, Daddy and Ryan are ready for a wedding in Pennsylvania.

And so… silly things still get me excited. Particularly when those things involve my kid.