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My kid said that. 

He’s never said anything before, so it was kind of a big deal.

It was the day after Father’s Day, our last morning in Pennsylvania. We all sat around the kitchen, drinking coffee and chatting while my father-in-law fed Ryan some bananas. 
Once in a while, Ryan would glance at me and smile. Cuz he is just that cute. And I’d grin back and wave and tell him how yummy his bananas looked. And then he’d turn his attention back to his Pop and his breakfast. 
Mike had his back to us most of the time, whipping up eggs and bacon like only he can do. Eventually, he turned around, walked across the kitchen and paused next to Ryan for a moment to reach over and tap his little nose.
And Ryan looked up at him, flashed him a wide grin and said “Hi Dada.
There was two full seconds of silence while it sank in. 
And then we all reacted at once. 
I clamped my hand over my mouth and started crying while my mom-in-law shrieked, my father-in-law chuckled, and Mike stood stunned, looking at Ryan and saying, “Well, hi. Hi there, pal. Hey.”
Mike and Ryan hanging out on Father’s Day.

I will admit to several months of attempted brainwashing. (Say “mama!” first. That should be your first word. I carried you for TEN DAYS past your due date, mister. Say mama. Mamamamamama. Say it!) 

But I’m glad the brainwashing didn’t take hold. Because to watch your kid grin at your husband and say “Hi Dada” for the first time is pretty much as good as it gets.