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When it comes to food, my kid is something of a prima donna.
Ryan looooves food. He’d eat all day if he could. As long as YOU fed him with a spoon. But at 9 months old, he is completely disinterested in feeding himself. A piece of bread? A puff? Nope and nope. He looks at bite-sized pieces of food the way you might eye a purple orangutang conducting an orchestra. You know, like this:
We decided today that enough was enough. It was time to try some teething biscuits. He’s teething. And he could really grab a hold of it, we figured. And he needs to start gnawing onΒ something. (Ok, and we wanted to go to a restaurant for lunch and thought it would be a new thing to distract him.)
I plucked a box off the shelf at the store and read the following out loud to Mike:
Your baby is ready for teething biscuits when they:
1. Crawl on hands and knees, with tummy up and off the floor.
2. Use their jaw to mash food with gums.
3. Eat thicker, lumpier foods with large pieces.
4. Hold small foods between their thumb and first finger.

Cool, he’s ready,” Mike said.
Uh, he doesn’t do any of that.
Eh … We give him thicker foods sometimes …
Ok, good enough for me.
We headed to the restaurant, and immediately upon arrival, handed one over to him. At first, he wasn’t sure what to think.Β 

But pretty soon, he realized that teething biscuits are the nectar of the gods. Nothing – not even bananas – are better than teething biscuits.

And I discovered that teething biscuits are disgusting. They get all soft and gooey and then he drops it and it gets all over his shorts and the high chair cover, not to mention the thick coating that quickly covers his hands and the bottom half of his face.


So we had to take it away, just for a second, to regroup. Which caused this face and a slight disturbance to the meals of those in our general vicinity:

And so we said “eff it” and gave it back, a decision that was met with approval.

You know what I learned from this?

First, that Ryan IS capable of holding something edible and putting it into his own mouth. (Yay!)

Second, that I have no less than four different types of wipes in my diaper bag (diaper wipes, Clorox disinfecting wipes, stain removing wipes, pacifier wipes) and yet nothing to clean a baby’s dirty face and hands.

Luckily for me, he does not judge me on the latter. He only judges me on my willingness to hand over the biscuit. And for that, I pass.