Posted by on Jun 29, 2011 in babies and reading, my baby wants to eat books, new mom, reading to a baby | 12 comments

I am tempted to tell you all about Ryan’s surgery this morning. He was put to sleep so that a doctor could puncture his ear drums and shove in some tubes. He was put to sleep so that a doctor could snip away at the tissue that “tied” his tongue.

But you know what? I’m sick of talking about ears and tongues. I’m sick of thinking about ears and tongues.

So instead, I have something very exciting to share.

My kid, finally, is starting to become more interested at reading books than he is in eating them.

All of my “No, no, let’s READ this! It’s such a good story! Don’t you want to know what happens to that last monkey jumping on the bed? We’ll never know his fate if you eat the page!” is paying off.
That’s a victory, don’t you think? Tell me it’s a victory! I NEED a victory.