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I think I’m supposed to want him to hit that milestone. He’s 9-1/2 months old and most babies learn to crawl between 6 and 10 months old.

But you know what? I cherish his immobility. It makes my life a whole lot simpler.

As it is, we can’t leave him alone indefinitely any more. He is rolling and scooting enough that if we leave and come back 3 minutes later, he is a few feet away from where he started.

But he’s still slow and predictable. Slow and predictable is a great thing with a baby.

I’m not ready to chase him all over the place, fighting to keep him out of the litter box and off of the TV stand.

But he wants to crawl. Badly. He gets frustrated when a toy is too far away to reach. He whines and flings his arms and legs around. (He’s trying to fly to the toy, we think. Dream big!)

Sometimes, he even does this:

 Note the look of fierce concentration.

But it usually ends like this:

If we’re really lucky, we get to see him try this:

Look at that form! He’s up on ONE TOE!

I try telling him how crawling is SO overrated, and isn’t it fun to just sit and play with your toys in one spot. Mommy will even bring them right to you.
But, alas, he’ll be crawling soon. We’ve only got maybe a couple of days left.

Is this the time to get serious about baby-proofing? I think Kristin at Sea Cow Circus has the right idea. I plan to adopt her “eliminate the issues as they crop up” baby-proofing strategy.