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I recently told you all about the touching way in which Ryan said his first words, “Hi Dada,” the day after Father’s Day.

As you might imagine, I have made it my mission in life since then to get him to look me square in the eye and say “Hi Mama.” I’d even settle for just “Mama.” Or “Ma.”

Well, he does sort of say it. But he doesn’t really say it to me. Not exactly. It’s more like a call to the universe. A call to the universe when he is sad, frustrated, angry or annoyed.

If he wakes up and is missing his binky? “Maaaaaaaa…. Mamamama. MA.

If he’s hungry and we’re not getting his milk fast enough? “Mamamamama. Maaaaaaaaama.

Bored? “Maaaaaamamamamama.

Not feeling well? “Ma! Mama! MA!

On the other hand, if I sing “If you’re happy and you know it” and dance him around his bedroom? “Dadadadada!
If he’s happily playing with his toys and I ask him if he’s having fun? “Dada! Da! Dadada!”
Splashing in the bathtub? “Daaaaaaadadada!

I think he thinks that “Dad” means “Life is fun!” and “Mom” means “This sucks.”