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When I was pregnant, people often asked me what the theme of Ryan’s nursery would be.

I always wanted to reply that the “theme” was “kid’s bedroom.”

There’s a crib, a toy chest, a rocking moose (instead of a rocking horse… cuz a rocking moose is funnier). He has a dresser with a changing pad. A colorful alphabet collage.

I bought stuff I liked and put it all in his room. The end.

So now that it’s time to start thinking about his first birthday party (faint), I don’t know why I am so stuck on the idea that I MUST have a theme. A cowboy theme, a jungle theme, a superhero theme.

This is what people do. Their kid turns one and they have a birthday party with a theme.

(Meanwhile, kid has no idea what is going on except that for one day, he’s allowed to tear at a bunch of paper and then mom and dad let him shove his hands into the most delicious meal of all time. But let’s be real: the kid is beside the point.)

So, I almost spent $36 on “nautical-themed” invitations. They really were darling.

Then I suddenly snapped out of my theme-induced coma and was all Wait, $36 for invitations?! What am I doing??

I know what will happen. I’ll order those invitations, maybe design some kind of boat-shaped cake, and then I’ll get tired of the theme. I’ll blank out on favor ideas. I’ll stress about how I’m going to clean my home in time. I’ll spend so much time cooking/baking that the only decorating I’ll have time for is the 10 minutes it takes to run up to Party City for some balloons. And they won’t have any “nautical” balloons, rendering my theme “dead in the water.” So to speak.

I have to be realistic about who I am. I am not crafty, I am not creative. I am most definitely not this awesome. I’m smitten with my kid and want to celebrate his existence, but I do not want to fritter away an entire weekend trying to make those little paper labels that charmingly stick out of each perfectly decorated cupcake.

So I’m officially letting myself off the hook.

We will have cake, gifts, balloons, and the requisite sappy photo slideshow. We have a handful of family coming into town, and they’ll be the only ones on the guest list. It will be the sort of party our parents had for us, back when people had proper perspective on these sorts of things.

Can Dumbo come?!
And whenever anyone asks me what the theme is, I’ll say “kid’s birthday.”

(Alright, full disclosure: We’re also going to invite some friends over for a second party. The theme for that one? Mike and I survived 12 months of drool parenthood. There will be music, snacks and beer at that event. What can I say? These are the parents Ryan is stuck with.)