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I had this whole plan about how I was going to tell you allllll about how Mike and I make all of Ryan’s food.
How every other Sunday, we attempt (usually unsuccessfully) to put Ryan down for a nap so that we can tear our kitchen apart with all sorts of peeling, slicing, chopping, steaming and pureeing.
Potatoes cooked with onions and butter.
And then how we methodically and lovingly scoop each creation into ice cube trays to freeze into little Ryan-sized portions.
But then my kid decided this week that he’s over purees. He clamps his jaw shut and shoves the spoon away in wildly dramatic fashion. No amount of “But you LOVE bananas!” seems to have any effect. His mind is made up.
So now I’m stuck with this:
Potatoes, black beans, corn, chickpeas, peas, carrots,
chicken, applesauce, spinach, squash.
Eff, eff, eff, eff, eff.

Am holding out hope that this is a phase and he’ll be back to loving this stuff by the end of the week. Yes? Right?