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In my mind, Ryan is about 4-5 months old. Maaaaybe six months, at the most.

When I think about picking him up from daycare, I think of him lounging in a bouncy seat. I certainly don’t think about him cruising across the room or pulling himself up to a standing position (YES, HE DID THAT THIS WEEK, HOLY CRAP.)

I think about him drinking from bottles, not sippy cups. I think about him babbling incoherently, not saying “Dada” and looking Mike straight in the eyes.

I picture him in my mind just like this:

 A baby, clearly.
And then last night, I was going through some pictures I had taken over the weekend. And this one stopped me in my tracks:
Uh, is it just me, or is that baby starting to look suspiciously like a kid. A kid with a clear goal in mind, judging by that determined little expression on his face. A kid who is energetic and curious and even kind of helpful around the house (drool + army crawling = clean laminate flooring).

When did this happen? Was there a moment when I was busy – washing dishes, perhaps, or watching Real Housewives (I’m equally likely to be doing either activity at any given moment) – when he thought to himself, “Eh, I’m over being a baby. Think I’ll move up to the Toddler Ranks now while no one is paying attention.”

How dare he grow up.