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When I was a kid, my dad had an expression that would stop me and my brother in our tracks. A look that made an appearance only when absolutely necessary, when we were past the point of unruly and had entered out-of-control territory.
And when we saw that face, you better believe we knew it was time to settle down.
(My mom never could quite muster up a look with the same severity. Her attempts made us laugh.)
Before Mike and I became parents, I fully expected that these roles would be reversed in our home. That I’d be the one with the awesome “Don’t mess with me right now or you’ll really be in for it” expression, and Mike would not.
My husband is just about the sweetest, most laid back, most even-tempered person you’ll ever meet. I did not have high hopes that he’d ever achieve a Dad Face. And if he did, I figured it would be years down the road.

Well. I underestimated him. Ryan is only 10 months old, and his father has quite the Dad Face.

You see, Ryan rocks himself back and forth in the high chair. No, more like slams his body back and forth. While he’s eating solid foods. Which obviously has us a little concerned about choking.

I was feeding him the other day and he again began slamming his body back and forth. I decided to tried to reason with him. “If you keep doing that, you might choke, sweet pea! It’s verrrrry dangerous. Let’s sit like a nice boy!”

He grinned and SLAM SLAM SLAM.

Mike walked over with a nonchalant, “Oh, here’s how you get him to stop that.”

He paused in front of Ryan with a very stern look on his face. “Ryannnnn?” And then shook his head, slowly, back and forth.

Ryan became very still, staring intently at his dad for a moment. Then he turned back to me and politely opened his mouth for another bite.
Logic: 0; Dad Face: 1.