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It would seem that Ryan is going through a separation anxiety phase.
For a week or two, we just thought he was in a cruddy mood. But I began to notice that he would be pretty happy during the times I was holding him or carrying him around. Pretty much any other time, he was yelling (unless, of course, his Dad was holding him or carrying him around).
It occurred to me that maybe he doesn’t hate the pack ‘n play, the changing table, the bathtub, the floor and the crib. Maybe he hates not being held.
My suspicions were confirmed last night when I took him into the bathroom to run water for his bath. The moment I sat on the edge of the tub, he grabbed my arms and pulled himself close to me.
It’s hard to see him go through this. To know that he’s scared to be away from me. That he misses me so much during the day that he clings to me at night. To think that he might have lost some of the amazing independence he flaunted for months. It really sort of tore me up inside.
Ok, I lied. I totally loved it. The kid never cuddles. I gotta take advantage when I can.
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And while you’re at it, check out Jaclyn’s etsy shop. Not only is she an amazing writer, she’s also a very talented jewelry maker. (I know, it’s not fair that someone be that pretty AND have two great talents!)