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You don’t think about them much, do you? I mean, on any given day, how much do you really stop to consider the inner workings of an ear?

I think about ears a lot. Probably more than any other topic. Because for six of my kid’s 10 months on Earth, he has been plagued with non-stop ear problems. Even the “specialist” gets a puzzled look on his face when we roll into his office with a new ear infection once a week. (I’m not exaggerating. We’re there every Monday morning.) ((And “specialist” is in “quotes” cuz dude has yet to prove to me how “special” his ear-infection-eradication skills are.))

But anyway, I need a break from thoughts of ears. So while his ears are delivering a subpar performance, let’s take a moment to consider all the ways in which Ryan is decidedly not subpar.

He’s an awesome sleeper:

And he’s a morning person:
He has high standards for the operation of important devices (namely, his wipe warmer):
 He’s an excellent supervisor of household tasks:
He’s a vigilant protector of our home:
He is easily entertained:
And he puts this smile on my face every day:
If his ears aren’t perfect, I guess that’s ok, since he’s otherwise pretty darn awesome.
Also, I just noticed that his tongue is sticking out in half of those photos. I feel like that adds to his awesomeness somehow.