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I had a whole post planned in my head where I was going to tell you about the $10 car/stroller fan my kid is slowly but surely destroying.

He loves that thing. Not because it cools him off when it’s 5,682 degrees in the car. He loves it because it has foam blades that spin, and what is cooler than foam blades that spin? (Answer: Nothing. Except maybe an empty paper towel roll, which I think we can all agree is man’s greatest invention.)

The moment the kid gets in his car seat, he furiously grunts against his seatbelt to swat and grab at the thing so that by the time we arrive to our destination, it’s bent at a weird angle and making a pathetic humming noise.

When I spring him loose from the belt, forget it. It’s game over for that poor fan.

So yesterday, I had a whole plan where I was going to unbuckle him and get all kinds of photos of him destroying the thing.

He spent the whole car ride home from daycare grunting and whining because he couldn’t reach the fan well enough to sufficiently pummel it. I parked the car and opened the door, camera phone at the ready … and here’s what I got:

Evidently, I was suddenly more fun than the fan.
I think the empty paper towel roll still beats me, though.