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It’s no secret that my kid is cute. Evidence:

But I’m not the first mom to have a cute kid. (And aren’t I a big person for admitting so?) Back in the day, when I was pregnant and wondering what in the world I was in for, I sought out the blogs of those who came before me (by a few months).

I happened upon Kami, who welcomed a cute little Lincoln into the world just weeks before I found out we were going to be expanding our own family. I’ve enjoyed watching Lincoln grow, always one step ahead of Ryan, reassuring me that leaving one fun stage behind is ok because the next one coming up is pretty amazing, too.

Today, Kami is off on an important trip, and she’s given me the honor of keeping her blog warm while she’s gone. So I’m over there today, contemplating what Ryan might be when he grows up. (A cardiologist? A ballerina? An insurance salesman?)

While you’re there reading about Ryan’s future, you should check out the rest of her blog. She is adorable and sweet and down-to-Earth and just an all-around good mama. Her hubby is pretty cute, too. (What?! Who doesn’t love a man in a uniform??)