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I get a lot of baby-related emails (my all-time favorite was the one about poop).

I would estimate that only about 2 percent of them are truly helpful. Most are weekly emails that tell me what my baby is “doing” this week, which is sort of silly considering babies can be months apart in hitting developmental milestones.

When I’m done reading these emails, I either walk away thinking that my kid is the smartest kid that ever lived (Uh, switch him to a sippy cup now? Kid has been drinking from a sippy cup for two months! BAM.) Or I walk away thinking he’s a little slow (his vocabulary is supposed to be “quickly expanding”? I suppose “Dadadadadada” and “Bububububububub” and “Mmmmmmmmm” don’t count, huh?)

Last week I got another helpful gem entitled Can You Afford to Have Kids? It points out that “Parenting may be priceless, but it comes with a hefty price tag – an average of $226,920 per kid. (And college is extra!)”

Well, it’s a little late to consider THAT, isn’t it?

Luckily, this little dude is worth every penny. Even the $5.99 it cost to buy those disposable dinosaur placemats.
Let’s hope that $226,920 includes ear tubes, asthma meds and special moisturizer for dry skin.